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Welcome to my website.  You’ll be able to read the ‘official’ bio here, but what it won’t say is that I’ve held back for years on releasing and sharing new music because everything I’ve been writing over these last few years is so completely from the deepest parts of my heart and soul, and to be honest it’s pretty scary sharing that much with complete strangers.  But, I have survived so far, and the album is on it’s way!  Titled “Beauty Survives” – when it’s released they are your songs; to comfort you in times of loss, be your friend in the early hours and put a cheeky smile on face because you know at least one other person understands how you feel right now.  So don’t be a stranger.  Sign up to the mailing list, come to shows, meet me.  Just don’t follow me home, that’d be taking it too far!

I’m currently on tour as a lead vocalist with the theatre show ‘A Country Night In Nashville’ – visit their website or social media for all info, tour dates are below.

Shelly xx

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