Album Song Stories: The Right Lines

Ah, The Right Lines, a love song to end the album with!

The Right Lines was again written quite a while back.  It is about the words we use, our language and how we communicate love to one another.  It’s about a relationship that never finds it difficult to say exactly how they feel and in fact finds endless ways of describing the love they share when some other people search for the ‘right’ thing to say.

It’s about falling in love, staying in love, being honest and never having the struggle to express love.

I loved recording this song.  Especially layering all the backing vocals, of which there was a bit of a choir of me!  And the warm brass made it feel like Christmas.  It was much like Battlefield, we just managed to create exactly the feeling musically of what the song expressed lyrically.  This song to me always feels like a warm hug 🙂

It’s a simple song!

Read the lyrics below.

The Right Lines 

Music and Lyrics Shelly Quarmby

Some people spend hours trying to find 

The right words to make the right lines

I’ve spent days with an endless list

Of the memories of our first kiss


You draw me in

You make me smile

First we laugh

Then we sigh


I’ll never be tired of your touch

Your passion for me and the things I love

You’re my grounding my warm hand and heart

You never falter and you’re always strong


You give me that look

When I’m feeling down

I need you

To always be around


With you I’ll wake up every day

Feeling beautiful refreshed in every way

The honesty, truth in our lives

Will always help me 

Find, the right lines.


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