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Album Song Stories: The Right Lines

Ah, The Right Lines, a love song to end the album with! The Right Lines was again written quite a while back.  It is about the words we use, our language and how we communicate love to one another.  It’s about a relationship that never finds it difficult to say exactly how they feel and […]

Album Song Stories: Beauty Survives

Post number eight of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is the title song Beauty Survives. The story behind this song is interesting because I kept a lot of the song from the original free-writing I did for it in the first place.  Along the way, I had to decipher what it was about exactly!  If you […]

Album Song Stories: Battlefield

Post number seven of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is the song Battlefield. ‘Battlefield’ is my favourite song to sing live on this album.  The sound resonants with me so well when I’m singing it.  If anyone has ever had a singing lesson with me they’ll know the weird little ways I have about ‘feeling […]

Album Song Stories: Lay It On The Line

Post number six of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is the song Lay It On The Line. I think I mentioned in one of the other posts that I took myself off to Spain to finish writing.  It was 2013, I visited a friend’s apartment in Murcia.  I’ll talk more about it later as well […]

Album Song Stories: I’ll be Gone

Post number five of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is the song I’ll Be Gone. This is a tricky one to write as I have to remember!  Unlike the rest of the songs on the album, this one is very old.  I wrote it about 15 years ago now!!  I dug it out and dusted […]

Album Song Stories: Catch The Sun

Post number four of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is the song Catch The Sun. It’s so strange recalling how and when I wrote these songs, I didn’t think I’d be able to.  But, I do quite vividly!  I grouped these songs together on this album particularly because they were all written over a similar period […]

Album Song Stories: Cry Now

Post number three of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is the song Cry Now.  For this song, I wanted to post the lyrics first before I talk about it.  But please keep reading on.  There has been a lot of interest and information about mental health awareness recently. This song for me, whether I listen […]

Album song stories: I’ll Keep You There

Post number two of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is about the song I’ll Keep You There. I don’t mind saying, but I love this song!  I love singing it, I love feeling it.  As I’ve already mentioned with You Lie, so many of these songs are like our lives, a combination of good things […]

Album song stories: You Lie

I’ll be writing a series of short posts on the album tracks on “Beauty Survives”.  The posts will have a small insight behind the writing of each song.  The reason I thought I’d share this is because it took me a very long time to actually get into the studio and record these songs and […]

Beauty Survives Release

So, the album, Beauty Survives has finally been released! This is a blog post on my website, which anyone signed up to my mailing list will also get automatically.  I will be sending out another more personal thank you to my mailing list as well, so look out for that.  This is the start of […]

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