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Shelly went from freelance session vocalist to backing vocalists for theatre shows and original artists in UK and Canada.  Working with various clients both live and in studio from adverts to recorded stage music, she has recorded in small studios to the glorious Abbey Road, London.  She still conducts studio sessions for various projects.  Eventually she found her way through to write for herself and record her own popular piano-based music style.

With songwriting never a priority, it’s been a slow learning curve.  “Love’s Not All There Is To It” was picked up to appear on a country compilation album after Shelly had started writing for a country music label.  She had a long childhood love of country music.  In 2007 Shelly was accepted onto BBC New Talent for songwriters in which she then collaborated with highly acclaimed songwriters and producers.

In 2008 Shelly lived in Toronto, Canada and recorded an EP there.  She performed as a backing singer for pop artist John Tayles on his “Thoughts Out Loud” album release and was briefly involved with indie band Calling Wendy.  She recorded “Change” the EP at Greenpail Studios with Inside Music. In October of 2009 she was nominated by The Independent Singer-Songwriter Awards for two awards: Best New Artist and Best Adult Contemporary Song for “Love’s Not All There Is To It”. She also got an honourable mention in the 2008 Unisong Songwriting Competition. After a return to the UK in 2009 to promote and gig with the EP, She returned to perform at some events in Toronto and New York in 2011.  After a little time out Shelly continued to work as a production singer and came back to songwriting in 2015.  She started pre-production for the album of 2017 – “Beauty Survives”.  The first single “You Lie” was released in 2017 along with the official video.

Shelly’s songs captivate; feet firmly in piano-based singer/songwriter style with a unique blend of her vocal style emerging from her love of all things Americana.  There are pop and rock influences inspired by great songwriters such as Jimmy Webb, Randy Newman, Carole King and Beth-Nielsen-Chapman and singers such as Linda Ronstadt and Trisha Yearwood. Musically, vocally, eclectically, she is in the middle of where Norah Jones meets Kelly Clarkson. Comparative to female singer-songwriters such as Sara Bareilles, Paula Cole, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jewel, Vonda Shepard and Sarah McLachlan her songs are powerful and emotive, they will leave you wanting more.

Shelly originally trained in Classical singing, studied Contemporary Performing Arts, Theatre Studies and has a BA(Hons) Degree in Music and Popular Music.  She also continues to work in community music, hold vocal workshops and some private teaching as she develops her passion for the voice, vocal techniques, voice training, health and psychology.