House Concerts

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sq-180House Concerts & private bookings

Playing house concerts are one of the nicest shows to play.  I bring everything musicially; you cater (only if you wish there to be food, or just snacks and drinks).

I bring all equipment, all PAT tested (electrical safety), and public liability insurance.

It’s where your house (or venue of your choice) is turned into a small theatre for the evening, examples are your front room, sitting room, lounge – whichever room of your house you are comfortable to sit in and invite your friends to! Also great for summer gardens, roof tops, cafes or any weird or wonderful private space.

These gigs are private though, not advertised online/socially or in any media, even locally.  Ticketed by you to cover your expenses if you wish, or a treat for your friends and family in the form of a concert. 

To book or enquire: