Album song stories: I’ll Keep You There

Post number two of song stories from ‘Beauty Survives’ is about the song I’ll Keep You There. I don’t mind saying, but I love this song!  I love singing it, I love feeling it.  As I’ve already mentioned with You Lie, so many of these songs are like our lives, a combination of good things […]

Album song stories: You Lie

I’ll be writing a series of short posts on the album tracks on “Beauty Survives”.  The posts will have a small insight behind the writing of each song.  The reason I thought I’d share this is because it took me a very long time to actually get into the studio and record these songs and […]

Beauty Survives Release

So, the album, Beauty Survives has finally been released! This is a blog post on my website, which anyone signed up to my mailing list will also get automatically.  I will be sending out another more personal thank you to my mailing list as well, so look out for that.  This is the start of […]

You Lie – OUT FRIDAY 24th MARCH – 3 Track Single with Bonus Track recorded at Gospel Oak Studios

The single “You Lie” is out THIS FRIDAY 24th March!!!  We will be releasing the video with it too. Don’t forget to look out for it and buy the single, which is an extended 3-track single, with the album and radio edits of You Lie on and a lovely acoustic piano/vocal version of “If You […]

Single News, BIRMINGHAM Fans & Free music!

A Country Night In Nashville is in Birmingham this evening!  We are playing the New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.  We are having a great tour so far, we played Southport last night.  If you miss any shows this time around, please like the Facebook page as we are sure to be back at these venues. News […]

A Country Night In Nashville

Hi Everyone, If you’ve been following my posts you’ll see I’m very lucky to be a lead vocalist in a new Country Music Theatre show called “A Country Night In Nashville”.  It’s a celebration of all things Nashville and a salute to old and new country music.  We did our first sell out show in […]

New Year Dates Announced Soon!

Wow! It’s been a while! I hope you’ve been following all the updates on social media.  I you haven’t check out the video below of a preview of the album which is finally done.  It’s taken  while, and a lot of time out and other work in between to get there, but it’ll be out […]

Quill Support – The Core Theatre, Solihull – 24th March 2016

Did you miss the last Quill tour?  I supported them back in December.  And if you didn’t go you missed a great show, it was such a fun night!  Quill have a thoroughly entertaining stage show, it’s really not to be missed if you love folk/rock.  I am warming you all up this Thursday 24th […]

Quill tour support – Huntingdon Hall

On the 11th Dec I’m looking forward to doing a solo piano/vocal support slot for folk/rock band Quill, with new member and special guest Bev Bevan.  Quill’s stage show is very entertaining so you’ll be in for a fantastic evening. I am nearing the end (finally!) of producing the new album.  Scott Ralph who is […]

London inspiration!

In between recording my own album I’ve been doing a little singing work in London and so had to make a few trips there this year so far.  Usually I find travelling carry things is a bit of a hassle and cities can be busy and crowded, so I made myself take some time out […]

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