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In the recording studio 3… sessions

I started my singing work at the beginning of my career firstly as a live session singer and then did a lot of studio sessions.  I have mainly done a lot of children’s resource singing strangely enough.  I did record for an advert once in the brilliant Studio 1 of Abbey Road which was amazing […]

Lorenzo Italian reed organ

In the recording studio 2…. Italian Accordion / Reed Organ

I was bargain hunting for my house I became addicted to Ebay!  Most of it I needed, but there was one thing I thought I’d treat myself to.   It was advertised as a 1960s Italian Lorenzo Accordion.  It’s an upright with no squeeze box, after a little more research I find it’s actually a […]

House Concert with David Blair

      In around a month’s time I will invite Canadian Singer/songwriter David Blair to play a house concert here in the UK.  Vancouver born David Blair is currently living in Berlin and touring Europe and building his fan base there!  He has also just signed a deal with a German based record label. […]