New Year Dates Announced Soon!

Wow! It’s been a while! I hope you’ve been following all the updates on social media.  I you haven’t check out the video below of a preview of the album which is finally done.  It’s taken  while, and a lot of time out and other work in between to get there, but it’ll be out […]

Quill Support – The Core Theatre, Solihull – 24th March 2016

Did you miss the last Quill tour?  I supported them back in December.  And if you didn’t go you missed a great show, it was such a fun night!  Quill have a thoroughly entertaining stage show, it’s really not to be missed if you love folk/rock.  I am warming you all up this Thursday 24th […]

Quill tour support – Huntingdon Hall

On the 11th Dec I’m looking forward to doing a solo piano/vocal support slot for folk/rock band Quill, with new member and special guest Bev Bevan.  Quill’s stage show is very entertaining so you’ll be in for a fantastic evening. I am nearing the end (finally!) of producing the new album.  Scott Ralph who is […]

London inspiration!

In between recording my own album I’ve been doing a little singing work in London and so had to make a few trips there this year so far.  Usually I find travelling carry things is a bit of a hassle and cities can be busy and crowded, so I made myself take some time out […]

In the recording studio 3… sessions

I started my singing work at the beginning of my career firstly as a live session singer and then did a lot of studio sessions.  I have mainly done a lot of children’s resource singing strangely enough.  I did record for an advert once in the brilliant Studio 1 of Abbey Road which was amazing […]

Lorenzo Italian reed organ

In the recording studio 2…. Italian Accordion / Reed Organ

I was bargain hunting for my house I became addicted to Ebay!  Most of it I needed, but there was one thing I thought I’d treat myself to.   It was advertised as a 1960s Italian Lorenzo Accordion.  It’s an upright with no squeeze box, after a little more research I find it’s actually a […]

In the recording studio

This is the first of a small series of posts to keep you up to date with what’s been going on with me over the past few months!! I’m finally well on the way to producing the full length album, and I know it’s taken while to get here, but I also know it’s going […]

Signing up on the mailing list

This is just a short message to remind you that there are a number of different ways to connect.  You can simply keep checking the website and social media for updates, but if that is time consuming there are much simpler updates you can get directly to your inbox. We never bombard you with loads […]

A little gig break

Thanks to everyone who has come to a gig recently, we love you being there.  So, I don’t have any dates in for the next few weeks for me to do some much needed pre-production for the new recordings.  If we put any in you’ll see it here first.  Also, I sent out a newsletter […]

Stafford FM – Tonka Talks postponed

Unfortunately Shelly will not be chatting on the evening radio show Tonka Talks on Stafford FM this Sunday 22nd.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to postpone the interview for another date. We will confirm the new date soon and bring you news of further appearances very soon.  In the meantime please go along to […]

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