Linda Ronstadt’s Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis

Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson’s Disease and can no longer sing

I am so devastated to hear the news that Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson’s Disease and it has affected her ability to sing. She was and always will be my ultimate inspiration to sing and it was always my dream to see her live. For someone who has released over 35 albums and sung on over 100 more, to never sing again is heartbreaking.  Just this week I have been spending time with inspirational people talking about how they have overcome barriers to get to were they are.  I have admired Linda Ronstadt since a child, not just for her singing, but for her strong mind and her will.

She has never allowed anyone to dictate to her what she should and shouldn’t do in music.  Some may say this has led to missed opportunity, but her voice and talent has always carried her through.  What it actually led to was her being overlooked as the greatest female vocalist of all time.  In a world where what you’re wearing or who you’re going out with is more important than the album you’re promoting Linda didn’t allow her personal life to be discussed and sad for her fans who did not get to see her personality live she still stayed true to her music and that will always be more important than the lack of an ‘official brand’ and media image.  There will be many fans sending their true love and warm wishes including me.

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