Summer dates


Hi Guys, how is your summer going? This weather is so on my side, I love it! Mine summer so far has been a mix of crazy busy and long relaxing days! I have loved meeting new people at some of the gigs I’ve been doing. Be sure to check all the news posts for updates on more gigs. Sometimes they are posted here before the dates page.

My June and July has been really exciting as I’ve been playing music fan too! I’ve had a great mix of seeing different artists. I saw the great ‘still rockin’ it at 63’ country/blues singer Bonnie Raitt which was an amazing experience for me. Then I saw Kings of Leon and their playing again was outstanding. Onto London for a music conference and to see the first night of Michael Buble at the O2, I had fantastic girly moments but resisted shouting “Michael, I love you!” Although he was everything I thought he would be, smooth voice, great presence and his emotion in delivering songs was so great to see 🙂 I then supported the UK based band Honey Ryder at the Hare and Hounds on Birmingham. This was a fantastic night, I met some brand new fans and I hope you’re all enjoying my cd. Signing up to the mailing list as they did gets you loads of info straight to your inbox and some free songs in the near future! Tara Chinn also played before the band and we will both be on the same gig this Sunday 21st July, look out for details!
Finally, last Wednesday back to London as I went to see the awesome country trio Rascal Flatts. This was such a highlight of my year I take so much from them, their on stage energy was amazing and they loved how all the UK fans knew all the lyrics to every song. Please check them out if you haven’t before, I have been a fan since the beginnings in 2000 and am inspired by an act who is still keeping it fresh!

Talking of fresh (how smooth was that!) I am back in the studio finally starting to put down new recordings and even after day one they are giving me chills, my very first love song is sweet and lovely, even if I do say so myself!

Check out the shows page now for upcoming shows, I want to sign you up to my mailing list to get you the first listen of some of these songs.

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