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This is just a short message to remind you that there are a number of different ways to connect.  You can simply keep checking the website and social media for updates, but if that is time consuming there are much simpler updates you can get directly to your inbox.

We never bombard you with loads of messages and now trying to only get you the news and updates you prefer.  There are simply the email newsletter updates, if you’re not into any of the Blog info and just want mainly Music News, usually once or twice a month, a round up of news and general information, sometimes they may be even less frequent, for this simply add in your email to the mailing list and click the box Monthly Newsletter Only.

Secondly, if you’re a fan of everything Shelly does, from the music to the Healthy living events and Embracing Change workshops, you can receive all of the information from the Blog and this News page.  This means, whenever something is published on the Blog, you will be the first to see it and receive a mailing with the new Natural Living Blog and and News.  This usually happens mid week, once every second week, with this there are loads of things from recipes, meat free monday, smoothies to natural living, beauty tips and music videos including cover tracks and links to the media pages.  Basically everything that happens on the website – straight to your inbox! For this click the box All News & Natural Living Blog.

Last, if you would like to receive an email update and emails of the new stuff on the web and the blog simply click BOTH.

Either way, there will never be lots of emails, we don’t have time to clutter up your inbox, we just want to keep you in the loop with whatever you’re interested in!

Don’t forget to use the contact form here if you’re interested in booking or requesting something. And remember to follow Facebook, Twitter and Instgram for lots more!

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